Thoughts Before the Last Rehearsal


Wow, we have our final rehearsal in the theater this evening! I am amazed by how quickly this project has gone by; but I am even more amazed by how much we have all learned and grown. As I prepare for this last rehearsal before the shows tomorrow, I decided to write down all the main notes/corrections that I try to keep in mind while doing Party Mix.

Notes on Party Mix

Exaggerate arms during entrance and the part when am tapping Mariel’s hand

Remember the new spacing (Mariel starts on stage right now, so I have to travel more; when Luna, Sabine & I turn to travel back, we also need to travel)

Posing in the background –> keep arms up and strong angles; remember the head angle !! look statuesque and really strong

Background traveling (switching) step –> make sure to travel and switch head

Aleca starts pulsing before everyone does

When running to exit (& stopping/posing), make sure to lead with the torso forward

When running back on stage for the arm “swing/throw” cannon, run past center for the first one; don’t wait full four counts to run again for the second one (go sooner)

Arms linked pose àmake sure we are downstage right enough (I have to set that since I am the first one)

For the figure 8, make sure to make the jump powerful, strong arms, angled head, stay suspended/lifted in the air for a moment (same for the jump to exit the stage)

Entrance for guys’ part: start walking on stage after Mariel’s transition (5 steps!)

Arms for guy part are held and slightly open

Facial expression for guy part is a sort of “cocky” expression, not angry; it is humorous

The first set of eight pulses are more like little jumps in place rather than heel pulses; The second set of 4 are in plie, and open into second

Remember shape of contraction (w/ legs straight and arms out straight); jumps are in place, feet flexed & leaning forward

For the circle part: travel and stay behind Sabine so it doesn’t look like two separate groups; also travel downstage to keep the circle and not cut it off; remember the counts (8, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; arm swing pas de chats are 8 & 4cts)

Travel a lot doing the hitch kicks right before the men fight scene

For the jump when exiting off the stage (after the women exit), make sure bottom leg also bends (in attitude as well) rather than staying straight

Men and women upstage partnering section: make sure to keep counting; make sure all poses are strong and statuesque; when hugging, men are holding around the shoulders; smile at partners during musical chairs

When running for the fight scene with Liam, make sure to travel upstage right; for the partnering leaps, lock arms tightly, pull him up when he jumps; look down and hold close when I jump

When the guys are standing with arms linked (during Mariel’s part), our hands are in fists on hips

When Mariel hits my hand, it flutters rather than getting thrown back

After we lift Mariel, the pas de chat’s are really big (feet flexed), & I look at Brittany

Paycheck entrance: legs are straight in jump, land in plie and straighten; the steps in the circle are sharp (make sure they don’t start to drag)

Strong party mix arms in the three poses as we move in on the circle

Last section: arms are thrown back, hug over partner; when we chasse keep the circle together; keep energy up, don’t look like you’re dying!

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