In Memoriam: Michele Elizabeth Dufault


December 6, 1988 – April 13, 2011

My friend Michele passed away a few days ago. She was working on a class project late at night in the machine shop. Her hair got caught in a lathe, which ultimately resulted in her death.

Michele was beautiful. She was one of the hardest working people I knew, and yet she always made time for you – not out of begrudging obligation, but out of pure sincerity and generosity of spirit. She had an insatiable curiosity that led her to examine every nook and cranny of the world around her: she was a fearless and humble scientist who never stopped exploring.

I entered into the Yale Dance Theater pilot project with the same relentless, innocent curiosity that I like to think motivated Michele in her pursuits. I wanted to see and feel and learn what it was like to be a dancer. And so I dedicate this dance – the work that I’ve put into learning something completely new and creating something from the ground up – to Michele.

I write this after having shed countless, exhausting tears. The exhaustion and tears are ephemeral, but my remembrance of her is eternal.

I miss you so, so much Michele.