Party Mixed Thoughts – Peter Mansfield


I have noticed that though it is a Paul Taylor piece, I can see the roots from his forebearers and teachers, Graham and Cunningham. This piece gives me questions about the intention and audience in which he was trying to reach because of the abstractivity. I am happy for the opportunity of being in this recreation but I have a hard time with Taylor styled movement. I am hoping to gain confidence with this type and style of modern dance.

Learning the other characters movements throughout the piece showed me the complexity and muscle needed to do the movement. Being able to work with Yale students shows me that dance is everywhere and we are able to continue our passion for this expressive art form wherever we all end up. So far, my favorite part of this Project is the diversity of the styles of movement offered by each and every dancer in this piece. We all interpret the movement differently because of the different styles each of us call our own.

-Posted on behalf of Peter Mansfield

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