Going to See the UBW Show



Wow.  Okay, so let me try to articulate the pure magic of UBW live.  Wow, wow, wow.  Let me start by saying that Modern dance in general is a much more intimate experience than other styles.  While ballet and jazz are engaging and can be very emotional, modern dance has an element of vulnerability that amplifies the experience.  The piece we went to see was done in two acts.  The first act began with a solo — much like the improvisation we have been working on in class.  There was a lot of deep listening and the dancer was stunning.  You couldn’t look away, the audience was dead silent, and some of the soloing ended up being without and music.  I’m not sure how long she soloed for, it felt like a very long time — in the best way.  The other dancers joined her one by one, some of them running, some of them crawling, some of them walking.  The energy was unlike any performance I’ve seen before.  You could feel it.  The first dancer continued to solo as the others froze.  They didn’t move at all, but they seemed to be giving the soloist energy.  You could FEEL them giving the soloist energy.  She kept going for what seemed like forever in dancer time (I’m sure her body was about ready to slump over), and then they all burst out in a beautiful group, improvisational phrase with staggering amounts of energy.  It was glorious.  The second act had a live pianist, which I later learned played something different at every performance.  We saw the quartet in this phrase, which was magnificent.  MAGNIFICENT.  They moved as one, listening and responding to one another.  Their energy was endless, I don’t know how they did it, it was amazing.  You could hear them breathing, and they often breathed together.  Their tipping was immaculate.  How they could go from moving all over the space to coming to a complete standstill at the same exact time is beyond me.  Falling didn’t even look like falling, it looked like momentum and just another part of the phrase.  Beautiful.  There was also a lot of vocalization in this piece.  Scatting and singing and call and response.  I thought that was beautiful and added to the vulnerability of it all.  And they were not miked!!  You could hear everything that they were saying, singing, and even how they were breathing without the use of microphones.  I don’t know if they are just extremely good at projecting while dancing, or if I should attribute that to how dead silent the audience was. I cried after the first act and I cried after the second.  It was fantastic. They jumped so high and moved so quickly.  I have such an appreciation for them and I can’t wait to implement the things I saw into practice.