A Reflection of My Time with UBW


Urban Bush Women came at a time in my dance career where I needed a sense of introspection and internal strength. While I had accomplished many of my academic goals, I found that I had acquired a sense of restlessness. UBW gave me an avenue that pushed me outside my comfort zone. Exercises such as the ping pong ball helped me to explore the crevices of my body that I had neglected. Rediscovering my “mother tongue” gave me a sense of the movement that I consider to be home, whether that be party dancing or ballet. And transcribing music into movement, helped me to acquire deeper listening skills and pay attention to the minute sounds that form a symphony. Our instructors – Amanda, Courtney, and Love – were inspirations in their own right. Their spirit brought a level of comfort and magic into our dancing space. I trusted them and my fellow dancers in a process that required a level of vulnerability. Their suggestions were always good-hearted and helped me to become a more conscious dancer. I grew more confident in my body. Recognizing and honoring how amazing it was that my body carried me every day and fulfilled every movement I wished to convey. My fellow dancers were just as inspiring. They pushed me to let go of my inhibitions and present to the space my most authentic, genuine self. We not only created art, but we created a family. From the warm up party to our pelvic exercises, class was a place of solace. I am very grateful for UBW’s mentorship and know that the philosophies I learned will carry me well beyond the marley we danced upon every Wednesday and Saturday of this spring semester.